Despite the low productivity and profitability in the construction industry, most managers say they use technology effectively. Someone is lying but why?

If you talk to a large-scale construction project manager, you will hear that the most effective solutions are used in BIM, artificial intelligence, machine learning and data management. If you do not know the realities of the industry, you can believe that these leading companies in the industry have completed the digital transformation.

If you are exposed to the advertisements and events of the large software companies in the sector, you will have no doubt that the main…

When death touches your hand, it is useless to squeeze your palm any further. Your memories of death are always stories with others at the center. Death is close to you, but in fact, it is always outside of you. In this respect, death is equivalent to lose. It is the departure of someone you love. This is exactly why your loss means nothing to the deceased.

There comes a moment in the confusion of life when death becomes meaningful. In the war of absence with existence, for the first time, absence becomes more meaningful. Death is that moment. The…

I’ve been asking myself this question for a very long time. Experience has always frightened me from the first day I started working as a young engineer. Because the uncertainty and immeasurability of experience also made it unmanageable. Experience is an uncontrollable force, although it yields very successful results. For this reason, while doing my master’s degree, I realized that statistical analysis of data is a way of embodying experience.

In my master’s study, I developed empirical formulas that show a serious relationship between construction durations and actual costs in different countries by performing regression analysis. Honestly, the result I…

Project management is the art of removing barriers. If you think of the project as a river, the main goal of the project manager is to allow the river to flow into the sea without overflowing or obstructing.

For this reason, the most important thing in a project is risks. If you can’t assess risks and develop solutions, you’re doing case management, not project management.

The project plan made at the beginning only reveals a system based on the main scope in general terms. It is helpful but not sufficient. Because when the project starts, the human factor and unexpected…

B2B by definition entails selling to corporate customers. But does a product that works for the company or employee sell better? While trying to persuade a corporate customer, the individual demands of the employees gain importance. In this case, it makes the game more and more difficult. Because the long-term interests of the company and the short-term expectations of the employees do not always coincide.

For example, a product that will increase productivity may threaten the habits of some employees. If this employee is close to the decision-making authority, your sales strategy will take a big hit.


The first…

As the founder of a construction technology start-up, I can say that this issue is definitely not about technology. There is an unnecessary ego, too much reliance on experience and a great resistance to change in the industry.

The hierarchical structure of construction companies and the lack of empowerment for young people stand out as some of the main problems preventing change.

In addition to these, the lack of a collaborative working culture between owner, contractor, and designer causes constant disagreements.


You cannot solve these problems with BIM, artificial intelligence, or innovative mobile applications. …

Short answer. UK companies can apply new European Funds as an associate country member.

“Thanks to the Associated Country status, UK participants will have the same rights as EU participants, with the very limited aforementioned exceptions. UK entities are eligible for funding at the same rates and under the same conditions. They can lead project consortia. They also count towards the minimum number of countries in calls for transnational projects.”

EIC Accelerator Exception

A UK company can apply for a grant. But unfortunately, the EIC Fund (which is the loan/equity instrument of the EIC) won’t be accessible for UK companies.

What does it mean?

For EIC Accelerator, UK companies can apply for a grant- (i.e. €2.5M) but not for equity-financing (i.e. €15M). As UK company, you can just go for the grant.

On 18 March 2021, European Innovation Council (EIC) was officially launched. This is a vital step for Europe Innovation Funds with a budget of €10 billion for the period 2021–2027.

Europe is targeting the gap between innovation and the product. If we compare the EU with the USA, the main problem is the investment ecosystem. Europe always seems more conservative to deep tech solutions. In horizon 2020, the EU tried to solve the same problem. However, the intention of private investment was a huge problem. …

For websites, accessibility has critical importance. If you don’t mind accessibility, you will lose an important portion of potential visitors. Governments making some regulations for accessibility. More importantly, the world is changing and we should respect each user. Hence the importance of accessibility is increasing.

In the UK, and many other countries, there is a legal requirement for you to make your service is accessible to everyone who needs it, and if it isn’t, you may be in breach of the Equality Act 2010.

To meet government accessibility requirements, you must meet level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines

Everybody is talking about data, AI, ML. Yes, those are important. But we should start with a basic step. We should understand how we will collect data and use it.

Data is Important

Each manager, director, and executive agree on the “Data is crucial” statement. But when you ask how you are managing data. Unfortunately, the answer seems unrealistic. They talked about cloud storage document management software, BIM, ERP, planning tools, etc. Ok, but where the data is, how you approach the data is, what the effect of data on the project is.

Data collection isn’t a linear process, it is chaotic and…

Aydın Fevzi Özçekiç

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